Charlie Sprout is an eclectic, handcrafted, and artistically inspired home decor collection with unique pieces that add fun, color, and sophistication to the home. 

The concept of Charlie Sprout started taking shape for Manhattan based designer, Rebecca Bravin, in the winter of 2013. She had always dreamed of putting her mark on the Home Fashion industry by expressing her own sense of style, vision and aesthetic, so she got to work and began creating - painting, dying, and embroidering textiles out of her small apartment in NYC.  What started as a project of self expression grew to be the first product category under Charlie Sprout.

The purpose of our brand is to create innovative, beautifully handcrafted home furnishings, but its mission is to empower artisan women in our country and around the world. We do this by helping to generate sustainable income while preserving cultural art and traditional skills handed down through generations.  

Charlie Sprout is designed in Brooklyn, New York and the pillows and throws are produced here as well by artisans that need economic help in our neighborhood and allowing them to work from home to raise and take care of their families. Our line of hardgood decorative accessories are handmade thousands of miles away by the artisan women in eSwatini, Africa that Rebecca felt called to work with after a life changing journey in April of 2017.  

Each piece of our collection is crafted from scratch – from the harvesting and dying of sisal, to the intricate hand weaving and printing techniques, all the way through the embroidery and embellishment phase.  

With a modern global aesthetic, Charlie Sprout creates special elements that add personality and character to every room. We believe a person’s home is a place of self expression and where they go to feel the most themselves…which is why we are honored to be a part of your living space and share our journey with you!